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About Gentle Gel Hand Soaps from Bath & Body Works

Meet one of our new favorite hand soap formulas: gentle gel hand soaps! We love how soft and smooth they leave our hands, plus the rich, non-drying formula is made without parabens or dyes – a total win-win.

And another win? The fragrance. These newer goodies are available in some of our most loved scents and the latest seasonal surprises. Plus, we can’t wait to see what other scents our latest soap pops up in. So, with fragrance covered, let’s get back to the benefits…

Made without dyes or parabens, this gel formula leaves your hands feeling clean and soft. Plus, it helps maintain the natural moisture barrier of your skin – all thanks to vitamin E, shea extract, aloe and essential oils. Aloe gives you super-smooth skin; vitamin E adds hydration and shea extract gently conditions your hands. Perfect for any sink, our gentle gel hand soaps are sure to be a household favorite. And don’t forget to suds up for 20 seconds to keep germs at bay.

Looking for other blends of soap to add to your bathrooms and kitchen? Keep dry skin away with a nourishing hand soap. Exfoliate your hands with a deep cleansing hand soap. Go for an icon: our gentle foaming hand soap. Happy hand washing! By the way, we also have plenty of easy-to-carry hand sanitizers…so if you’re away from the sink, you can still keep germs at bay!