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Car Fragrance

Car Fragrance


About Car Air Fresheners from Bath & Body Works

Hit the road with our exclusive scents. With our car fragrance refills and holders, you can take your favorite fragrances with you wherever you go. Turn your commute into some time at the ocean. Continue de-stressing post-workout on your ride home. Transform drives on the darkest winter days into those on sunny spring afternoons. Basically, you’ll be inventing reasons to spend more time in your car.

Stuck in gridlock? Have a horrible day at the office? Just breathe! With aromatherapy fragrances from Bath & Body Works on board, you can relax a little bit more every time you inhale — regardless of how stressful things get. What’s more, with essential oils like spearmint and eucalyptus, you can improve your concentration, uplift your body, and focus your mind while you drive.

Girly and glam. Chic and classic. Fun and fresh. Whatever your style, we’ve got the fragrance holder to match. Don’t want to detract from your car’s existing decor? That’s fine too! We’ve got designs that discreetly integrate into your vehicle’s current look.

But, whatever style you choose, our car freshener holders radiate fragrance into your ride, so you can enjoy them on-the-go. Plus, with built-in clips, you can attach them to your air vent to waft your favorite scents quickly, or on your visor or seat pocket.